ShadowDragon Special Edition Podcast: Terrorist Threats, French Elections, and Political Protests


July 9th, 2024

5 mins 10 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

The Shadow Dragon Special Edition Podcast


  • The podcast covers open source intelligence (OSINT) and geopolitics.
  • Topics include military bases on alert, global protests, and elections.

Military Alert in Europe:

  • Several U.S. military bases in Europe are on heightened alert (state of alert Charlie, second highest level).
  • The alert is due to potential terrorist threats, indicating specific intelligence pointing to possible attacks.
  • Bases affected include the European Command Headquarters in Stuttgart and Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

Global Protests:

  • Increasing protests against Western facilities, particularly banks, by groups identifying as anti-globalist and pro-Palestine.
  • These groups target businesses with ties to Israel through physical and digital attacks.

Elections and Political Disturbances:

  • Protests related to election outcomes, especially in France, where there is significant opposition to Le Pen and her right-wing party.
  • Demonstrations, such as the large protest at Place de la République on June 30, are becoming more common.
  • Monitoring shows that left-wing and pro-Palestine groups are joining forces against right-wing politics and large companies linked to Israel.
  • Similar patterns observed in elections in the Netherlands, Argentina, and the U.S.


  • The podcast emphasizes the global scale of these issues and encourages listeners to visit their website for more information.