Nico “Dutch_Osintguy” Dekens is the ShadowDragon Director of Intelligence and Collection.

He eats, sleeps, and lives everything which has to do with OSINT, online investigations, intelligence gathering and analysis.

Nico is an international lecturer at Fortune 500 companies and governments. He has over 20 years experience as an (all source) Intelligence Analyst at Dutch Law Enforcement. He analyzed murder cases, international narcotics cases, stolen art cases, gang violence cases, political disturbance cases, online jihadist groups & conducted several online, covert, virtual HUMINT investigations.

He has worked as Senior Project Manager at Bellingcat, an international independent investigative research collective and as an All Source Analyst specializing in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), online Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Online investigations.

Online Nico is known as Dutch_OsintGuy and very active within the OSINT community.

Nico "Dutch Osint Guy" Dekens has hosted two Episodes.