S03 E02: EdgeTheory and Narrative Intelligence


March 22nd, 2024

1 hr 42 secs

Season 3

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Joe Stradinger, EdgeTheory CEO
Daniel Clemens, ShadowDragon CEO
Elliott Anderson, ShadowDragon CTO
David Cook, Director – National Security

Daniel and David traveled to University of Mississippi last month to the inaugural National Center for Narrative Intelligence (NCNI) Summit hosted by EdgeTheory. The guys talk about the Summit, Joe’s path to becoming EdgeTheory’s founder and CEO, and the importance of storytelling and narratives in a dynamic world.

This time around, we spoke about Narrative Intelligence and how OSINT is similar in finding sources but can sometimes produce different products. Today, the amount of publicly available information (PAI) is expanding every day, which gives people, companies, and governments more information to synthesize and investigate than ever before. ‘Chatter’ online can grow and form narratives at incredible speed and resonance, creating often-times outsized impacts in society, markets, elections, and so much more.

Listen in as Daniel queues in on EdgeTheory’s “Intercontinental Ballistic Narratives,” or ICBNs, to ask who is the greatest manipulator of narratives? Joe breaks down the different ways EdgeTheory sees between Russia, China and Iran utilizing ICBNs to subvert Western Nations. As geographic borders fade in today’s online struggle, adversaries ‘spoof’ or manipulate where the origin of their cognitive attacks on populations come from, making it more difficult to quantify risk.

Listen for more insight on:

• Advanced Persistent Manipulators (APMs)
• Joe’s take on AI (hint: “AI is a math trick, it’s a very good math trick, but it’s a math trick“)
• Utilizing OSINT and Narrative Intelligence to gain decision advantage
• Navigating a ‘post-truth world’

Visit EdgeTheory’s website to learn more: https://edgetheory.com/
Learn more about the National Center for Narrative Intelligence here: https://ncni.us/

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