Elliott Anderson is a 20 year veteran of all things tech world. He’s an OSINT instructor, software engineer, and President for ShadowDragon.

Mr. Anderson has been obsessed with anything digital from a young age. From teaching himself to code in his bed room as a small child to uncovering major flaws in social network designs he’s a relentless information junkie.

Mr. Anderson’s career has taken him from Walmart’s war rooms and emergency operations groups to QA and predictive analytics for healthcare systems. He’s lead the development of provisioning systems for the fastest ISP in the US and managed disaster recovery operations. In more recent years Mr. Anderson has been training analysts and agents in the more advanced techniques of PAI/OSINT including, targeting of human traffickers, terrorists, and fraudsters.

As a trainer, Elliott has trained numerous commercial and government groups from law enforcement all across the planet to some of the world’s leading physical security teams.

Mr. Anderson serves on the Board of Directors for the Carl C. Anderson Sr. & Marie Jo Anderson Charitable Foundation where he oversees grant donations for programs that provide basic and essential needs of children and youth as well as programs to improve the lives of seniors.

Elliott Anderson has hosted eight Episodes.