Charl is one of the most professional, quiet professionals in the industry. If you know Charl, you love Charl!!

Technical thought leader, spokesman and figurehead for Orange Cyberdefense world-wide, leading and managing the OCD Security Research Center - a specialist security research unit within the group that helps us fulfill our mission of being a trusted partner to our customers by ensuring that we identify, track, analyze, communicate and act upon significant developments in the security landscape.

Responsible for using that intelligence and the other data, systems and human resources at the group's disposal to make a meaningful contribution of data and knowledge to the global security community.

The Security Research Center supports the OCD mission by providing systems, data, intelligence and material that enable sound decision making by other group units driving growth, demonstrate our knowledge, experience and skill to all our internal and external stakeholders, and ensuring consistency between the messages we portray outwardly and the way our products and services are designed and delivered internally.

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